Our salmon

Our fish

Southring salmon is farmed in the cold waters of the Chilean fjords, respecting and replicating their natural life cycle, from the Fresh Water stage to the Sea.



Atlantic salmon

Salmo Salar

Our Salmon is cultivated in the untamed Chilean Patagonia, the kingdom of glaciers and endless rains, in the fjords that contain the purest waters in the world.

After years of careful study and selection, Australis chose the marine sites that offer the best conditions on earth for farming salmon. This and a team of experts make Australis Salmon a unique product, unmatched in flavor, texture and color.

Care for details

Our clients are people who demand a healthy and safe product of the highest quality, this is why we work every day to optimize processes.

Southring Salmon has world-class quality standards backed by strict international certifications, through a production cycle that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and with maximum health security.

Salmon certified by the American Heart Association.



Fresh water

4 Fish farms
17 Million Smolts

Sea water

90 Aquaculture concessions
X Region: 03
XI Region: 62
XII Region: 25

Processing plant

2 process plants
with a capacity of 100,000 tons WFE


Office in Chile
Latam, Europe, Asia and Japan

Office in USA
USA and Canada

Office in China

Honesty in processes

We work daily to maintain control of our production chain so that a top quality and safe food reaches the table of each of our consumers.

Our traceability system from the roe to the end consumer makes our processes transparent and allows us to identify where we can improve the details.


We are proud of the dedication, experience and passion for perfection in our process plants.

Our workers have years of experience in the production of world-class Salmon.

Along with them, we have state-of-the-art technology systems and rigorous safety processes that allow our process plants to meet the demanding requirements and challenges of international markets and certifications.

All focused on making the best salmon in the world.

  • Sashimi grade

  • Continuous Flow

  • Temperature control
    in all the process

  • Processing plant
    next to logistics departure


Commercial Offices

Through different distribution channels and always at the forefront of the standards and expectations of our customers, Southring dispatches 3,385,146 servings of salmonids every week to all corners of the globe.

  • Office in Chile

    Latam, Europe, Asia and Japan

  • Office in USA

    USA and Canada

  • Office in China



The fat content, vibrant color and firm texture reveal in each dish a unique experience with a penetrating flavor.

Southring invites you to be a true chef in your own kitchen, with versatile, simple and authentic preparations together with these ambassadors of the waters from the southernmost part of the world.



Super food

We are proud of our salmon that, in addition to having an exquisite flavor, have superfood parameters.

  • High Omega 3 content

    > 2,4g/100g

  • Hormone free

  • Low in cholesterol

    < 40mg/100g

  • High vitamin and mineral content

    Potassium 2500ppm
    Iron > 4.82mg/kg
    Vitamin D > 2.0ug/100

  • High antioxidant content

    ORAC > 500

  • Low in sodium

    < 60mg/kg

  • Gluten free