Southern frontier

Southern frontier

On the southern frontier of Chile, lapped by the waters of Antarctica, we find a labyrinth of incomparable beauty where we apply the trade and effort of farming our salmon.

The inhospitable cold is embraced by our respect for the sea, which rewards us with its time to achieve a perfect fish.


Southring is the new global brand for Australis Seafoods products

A brand that reflects who we are and our goal: We are proud of our origin in southern Chile and we work tirelessly to farm the best salmon in the world.


In the last decade salmon demand has continued to grow as it offers a healthy, sustainable, delicious and versatile protein, and in Australis Seafoods we are committed on playing a leading role in this challenge.


In 14 years we have become one of the world main producers of Atlantic Salmon and Trout, farming and processing our products in the best places on Earth, The Chilean Patagonia.


In Australis Seafoods, we work to deliver reliable high-quality salmon, farmed in the very south of the World, in the most sustainable way.

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A unique connection

The solitude of the southern fjords, protected by mountains covered by millennial snow that fall directly into the sea. Channels that are enriched by meltwater and the silence that is only broken by the wind. This is where a unique connection happens between the salmon and those who farm them.

This relationship is a fundamental part of a sustainable production, where each step is meticulously studied for the care of the environment, the fish and our workers.

For generations we have lived in these seas, where its waters have given us the best of them to live in this extreme cold of the world.

We are proud of our history and traditions and will continue to build our life together with the sea.


The best places in the world to farm salmon

We focus our farming on maximizing yield and that is why we have focused our cultivation only in the fjords of the two southernmost regions of Chile.

The cold currents of Antarctica

For years we have studied these waters, where the temperature, oxygenation and healthy conditions make a unique combination in the world for the farming of our salmon.

Temperature and oxygenation in our seas


Dedication and patience at each stage is essential to obtain the best salmon.

The antarctic waters and the meltwaters of the fjord mountains give you the perfect conditions for slow farming where salmon grow calmly swimming for more than 2 years.



We are passionate about generating a positive impact on people’s lives, through the production and delivery of healthy food, challenging our way of doing things, through the sustainable development of communities and our surroundings.

Our vision

To be leaders of the industry in a sustainable way through innovation and constant challenge.

Our salmon