Respect for nature

Respect for nature

On the southern frontier of the world where we unite with untamed nature we understand that if we respect it with zeal, it will shelter us and reward us with its best.



During the entire production process we take great care of social and environmental health conditions, both in our freshwater operations and aquaculture concessions at sea, thus developing a sustainable production.

Today we are part of the Global Salmon Initiative, which is a leadership initiative of global farmed salmon producers. It is focused on making significant progress toward fully achieving the shared goal of offering a highly sustainable source of healthy protein to feed a growing population while minimizing our environmental footprint and continuing to improve our social contribution.

  • 0,65

    Fish in: Fish Out (FIFO)
    is the ratio of wild fish to feed one farmed fish.

  • < 3%
    in diets


We feed our fish for 15 months with a diet focused on promoting their well-being along with environmental sustainability.

This is why we are always innovating diets with low consumption of fishmeal and a very low FIFO ratio, looking after wild marine life.

These efforts are certified by rigorous international environmental certifications.



Farming salmon is the most efficient protein production.

Conversion factor

How many kilos of meat are obtained approximately from the consumption of 100 kilograms of food.

Carbon footprint

The amount of CO2 generated to produce 1 kilogram of meat.

Fresh water footprint

How many liters of fresh water are needed to produce 1 kilogram of meat.

Water treatments

For the correct operation of treatment for liquid indusrial waste, Treatment plants in Fresh Water use rotary filters and sedimentation pools while Processing plants use physical and chemical processes treatments.


Interaction with

Since 2023 Southring have not had lethal interactions with marine fauna or fish escape.

Our focal points of the Biodiversity Management Procedure for areas where sefarms can operate are the execution of prevention measures for areas under official and control and surveillance measures against interactions with marine fauna.

Since 2023

0 Southring have not had lethal interactions with marine fauna or fish escape

Our Neighbors

We believe that a company good development involves contributing to people’s quality of life and the progress of the community where it operates, and looking after the environment and the natural surroundings in which we work. We work continuously with different organizations, both public and private, seeking to generate a positive impact around us.



Activities and meetings with communities in the regions where we operate.


Transparency meetings where we made known the environmental and health initiatives that are carried out in the farming centers.